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Pure Advice® - Our Philosophy

In the retirement plan and investment management industry today, service providers frequently receive significant compensation for recommending certain investment products and services. Unfortunately, this "Don't ask, Don't tell" philosophy is pervasive in the industry and as a client or plan sponsor you may never be made aware of the nature and full magnitude of these arrangements or the hidden incentives offered to service providers.

At Lucid Advisors®, our number one priority is our clients — solely licensed and functioning as a Registered Investment Adviser, we receive no brokerage or insurance commissions. Nor do we market, sell or receive any compensation from any mutual fund companies, investment managers or other service providers. 100% of our revenue comes from fees billed and paid by our clients, they only receive Pure Advice®.

This independence and complete objectivity ensures our clients that our services and recommendations are always provided in their best interests.

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