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Retirement Plan Management Consulting

Lucid Advisors, Inc.® understands that not everyone has the time or resources to stay abreast of and fully understand the current issues affecting the defined-contribution retirement plan industry. But, that is exactly what needs to be done if you are to ensure that your company-sponsored retirement plan is extracting the maximum benefit on behalf of your employee participants.

Our Retirement Plan Management Consulting services offer an objective third-party review and analysis of your existing plan, its service providers, operations and processes. As an independent party, we can offer advice based upon our industry experience on the fairness of fees, and the level of service you should expect from any of the various service providers you may currently have in place.

Having worked with retirement plan sponsors for many years, Lucid Advisors, Inc.® has a high degree of industry expertise and a broad network of business contacts. This experience allows Lucid Advisors, Inc.® to serve as a consultant on all plan matters — from providing an objective opinion on your current providers' services to selecting a new service provider, to recommending changes to your plan management processes and practices, or simply advising you of current and upcoming changes in the industry that may impact your plan. Our services are designed to fulfill two complementary objectives:

  1. Ensuring your employees receive the best possible plan benefit available at a reasonable cost; and
  2. Ensuring that the Plan Sponsor is managing the plan ongoing in a prudent manner, providing a proactive defense against potential future disputes and/or litigation

Our Retirement Plan Management Consulting Service encompasses all of the services offered by Lucid Advisors, Inc.® and may include:

  • Evaluation of existing service providers (including participant recordkeeping, plan administration, trustee/custodian)
  • Selection of new, additional or replacement vendors (if necessary)
  • Review and analysis of your current investment options and recommendations on potential changes to improve the plan's offering
  • Evaluation of current plan management processes and related documentation
  • Review or development of written policies and procedures related to plan operation
  • Education/training of your people on implementing best practices for ongoing management of your retirement plan(s)

Our services can be provided on a one-time/project basis or ongoing as your Plan Consultant.

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