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Fee & Revenue Sharing Consulting

Understanding the multitude of fees and expenses attributable to a retirement plan or investment program has become increasingly difficult over the past decade. One visible illustration of the complexity of fees is the dramatic growth in mutual fund share classes; many funds are now offered in four or more 'classes' that are only differentiated by their internal fee structure and revenue-sharing programs.

Through our years of experience in the investment industry, we have developed significant expertise in the understanding of these fees and associated revenue-sharing programs that have become prevalent throughout the industry but often are not fully disclosed to clients. In fact, many plan sponsors are unaware of the magnitude or existence of these fees, and yet frequently they are being deducted indirectly from the plan assets.

Lucid Advisors, Inc.® provides comprehensive fee and revenue-sharing analysis services to help plan sponsors understand the "total cost" of their plan and potentially restructure plan revenue-sharing payments for their benefit.

Lucid Advisors, Inc.® fee analysis consulting services are designed to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Educate plan sponsors about their fiduciary obligation to monitor plan expenses and understand how all plan expenses (direct or indirect) impact plan performance, and ultimately employee retirement income
  • Enable plan sponsors to determine and monitor their total plan cost and total plan revenues available through various revenue sharing programs
  • Help plan sponsors determine if they are receiving value commensurate with the fees they are paying
  • Actively assist plan sponsors in vendor fee negotiations to reduce plan expenses and obtain control of plan revenues

Service includes:

  • Review and analysis of plan and/or investment-related expenses
  • General education/training on the many types of fees and revenue sharing programs
  • Full disclosure of available mutual fund revenue sharing programs
  • Recommendation on cost-saving opportunities

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