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Lucid Advisors, Inc.® provides customized seminars on a wide array of topics designed to fit your target audience and program objectives. If you have unique needs or a special situation, we are also available to custom develop new seminars. Our materials are developed exclusively to raise awareness and understanding in your workforce, free of any sales tactics or product endorsements.

All of our seminars are designed to be delivered on-site to your employees by a Lucid Advisors, Inc.® Consultant or, if applicable, via Internet conference.

The following core educational seminar topics can be customized for your specific needs:

Retirement 101: Fundamentals of Retirement Saving

Focuses on understanding the critical importance of saving for retirement and starting early; covers concepts such as inflation and long-term compounding.

Retirement 201: Making Important Retirement Decisions

Addresses important decisions everyone faces as retirement approaches: determining your retirement budget, when to take Social Security, how to choose a pension distribution method, how to withdraw from your 401(k), etc.

Managing Your Retirement Plan Account Online

Demonstrates how employees can utilize the Internet to access and manage their retirement plan, benefit or investment accounts.

Fundamentals of Estate Planning

Covers the basics of estate planning and processes including: probate, wills, powers of attorney, and trusts, including examples and illustrations on when each may be applicable.

Understanding Taxes

Taxes are the single largest expense for many Americans. This seminar provides the basics of understanding the US tax system including federal and state income taxes and capital gains and various excise taxes.

Proper Debt Management

Highlights the differences between various types of debt, how it can be used effectively, and how to avoid common pitfalls.

Understanding Insurance

Provides general information on the most common types of insurance policies, including both personal policies (e.g. life, homeowner's, auto, liability) and company-sponsored group policies (e.g. life, AD&D, disability, business travel/accident).

Investing & Investments 101

Overviews the basic tenets of investing, including establishing appropriate goals and objectives, asset allocation, and avoiding common pitfalls. While focused on beginning investors, this material often provides enhanced understanding for those with investment experience as well.

Investing & Investments 102

Designed for the intermediate investor, this seminar offers more specific information on a number of different investment products and strategies

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