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Retirement Plan Management Consulting

Our complete package. This service encompasses all of the individual services provided by Lucid Advisors, Inc. ®, offering an independent third-party review and analysis of existing plans, service providers, operations and processes.

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Investment Management Consulting

This service provides assistance in the development and deployment of prudent institutional investment processes.

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Fee & Revenue Sharing Consulting

This service is designed to help clients understand the "total cost" of their retirement plan or investment program and how it may be affected by various revenue-sharing programs with or without their knowledge.

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Employee Education & Communication

This service is focused on enhancing employees understanding of the plans and programs available to them.

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Employee Seminars

This service provides customized seminars on a wide array of topics whether you have unique needs or a special situation.

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Service Provider Search

This service guides retirement plan sponsors through the process of selecting new providers.

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